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We aim at a complete turnaround in lifestyle that steadily conditions you to make healthier choices. Only a permanent change in lifestyle can lead to lifelong wellness. 

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Health = Nutrition = Choices

Want to Know How we Take You towards healthy Lifestyle

Do Not Let Digestive Issues Dictate Your Life.

Digestive issues like Irritable Bowl Syndrome(IBS), constipation, acidity, bloating, cramps, and unreliable toilet habits affecting your day to day life?

Shed Your Vulnerability Tags.

To socialize or be a part of party gang, you cant eat out because you are obese ,you always feel tired and exhausted ,always stressed and depressed.

Do you recount any of these food struggles?

Not really sure whether you are hungry or not, but still have a craving to grab a bite of sweet.
Find it difficult to choose healthy options from the colossal options available on grocery shelf.
Juggling with Eat- Repent – Repeat cycle

Still After Answers For Medical Issues?

Because even though you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or PCOS ,or hypothyroidism or any other medical condition, you’re still searching for answers to take control of your health.

Recovering Your Health Post Surgery. 

Finding it difficult to manage nutritional care after surgery, or may be after chemotherapy , radiation, pancreatitis, or after  hospital discharge.

Still worried ?

Suffer from frequent cold & cough.
Having Food allergies.
I’m on family way, cant decide what to eat?
What to pack for my kid’s lunchbox?

You Know your Health, Are you sure?

Have a query related to your health, Ask our clinical nutrition experts for assessments and guidance

Total 30+ Years Experience

Why NutriCARE?

Total 30+ Years Experience

More than 1,00,000 Combined Consultations

Daily 20+ programs Hopins

Personalized diet plan

As per your need and requirements

Individualized assessment tool

To understand current health status

Easy reach ability

Unlimited what's app and phone call support

Empowering our customer’s

To have sustained results

Promoting wellness

Through working on Gut Health

Regular monitoring

Through scientifically driven assessment tools

Recognition of our Experts on Social Platform

What People Are Saying

NUTRICARE WELLNESS provides deep health assessment which results healthy weight loss. I am quite satisfied with them as I consulted for my father and they help him in managing his lipoid profile and sugar level. I will surely recommends who need therapeutic guidelines.

DR. Srishti Priya, Dermatologist, Delhi


During pregnancy I was diagnosed diabetic and hypothyroidism, I need proper dietary care for my healthy pregnancy. One of my husband’s friend suggested me to consult NUTRICARE WELLNESS..I consulted with them the way the took my counselling I realized that they are the correct team who can help me for my healthy pregnanc and I delivered a healthy baby with so much complication. After my delivery I rejoined for me weight management program . thank you so much NUTRICARE for helping me in this crucial journey.

Maya raj, Ghaziabad


As I am in marketing job my life is stressful and my weight is also over because of all these situation I diagnosed with diabetes now . I am the single earning person in my family so I have to be healthy just this thought insist me to consult health professionals and I consulted nutricare. After taking premium plus plan twicely I am happy to say my weight is normal now I lost almost 17kg and it helps to manage my sugar under control. They brings lots of happiness in my life because if you are happy and healthy you try to make your dear ones more happier. Good job NUTRICARE TEAM.

Manish sharan, Gurgaon


HI EVERYONE my name is suyash I am 16 years oldsuffering from MYOCARDITIS unfortiunately quite frequently I have to visit hospital …I am almost restricted for food and liquid as well . I was quite upset with my eating habits . one day my bua arranged a consultation with NUTRICARE WELLNESS with Dt. Pinki Anand. She has taken deep assessment for my medical history and my lifestyle..then she insist me to talk freely what kind of difficulty I am facing, why I always deny to eat any thing which their family provide, she asked me about my choices also then she make me realise that what is good for me and why the things deteriorate my situations are bad for me . the she customized my diet and also she tried to put my choice with modification in my plan. Now my appetite is good and I enjoyed my diet with my positivity that it will help in improving my health status.



I am a health professional. I consulted nutricare for my father who is cardiac patient and he has undergone for CABG.Its very tough to take care of him without any specialist. I know diet plays major roll in controlling your health status. Then I found NUTRICARE WELLNESS…who take proper assessment give online consultation and prescribed yor dioet as per your health recommendation along with they take care of patient’s acceptance also. My father health status improved a lot. I must say… good job nutricare

Anita shah, Darjeeling


Hi this is Nivedita from Kolkata. I used to be very slim but after delivery and because of thyroid problem I started gaining weight .initially I was not bother because of baby care but letter on I started getting trouble in breathing, heaviness, irritation, mood swings . that time my weight reached 83kg ..then my husband enrolled me in gym but there also I couldn’t find any positive changes . when my husband enrolled me with nutricare team for counselling I never thought it brings me so much positiveness in my life. They realized me why I should think positive towards my effort and how it will help me to solve my problem. With their customized plan and counselling I lost almost 14 kg now I am 69kg from 83kg. I am still continue with them. Thanks from my soul nutricare team.

Nivedita shee, Kolkata


I got relief from severe constipation and bloatiness after taking one month plan from Nutricare. Their guidance helps me a lot in my daily lifestyle. Feeling more energise and relaxed .thanks Nutricare.



Hi I am nidhi I consulted nutricare for my healthy weight loss with proper skin and hair care as I was getting marry in 3 months . it was shlort time but they did good job to achieve my target weight along with proper glow on my face. It was beautiful result for me. Thanku and god bless you nutricare. I already recommended my sister -in-law to join you.

Nidhi Bhardwaj, Noida


I lost 11 kg in premium plus plan. Thank you so much Nutricare team for helping me for my healthy life.

Shashi gupta , Ghaziabad


I have thyroid problem and 7 months ago I have undergone for my uterus removal surgery . after that I fastly gained my weight near about 69 kg my height is just 5’2” so it becomes overweight for me . my daughter suggest me consult Nutricare diet plan I gone with consultation then I got satisfied and took 3 months premium plan. I lost almost 11kg weight which brings lots of positive changes in my health. Good job nutricare team.

Sabita kanth, Nepal