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The Gut Health Dietician: Digestive specialist

The Gut Health Dietician: Digestive specialist

Are digestive problems holding you back?

Do you suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or reflux?

Food influences our mood, affects our sleep, our self healing ability or immunity. It is important to feed the body in right way that optimizes our heath and creates the right internal environment.

The introduction of processed foods, along with a lifestyle of constant stress, too much or too little exercise, wrong dietary practices has damaged our inner ecosystems leaving us feel depleted and in need of nourishment. An unhealthy inner ecosystem can lead to fatigue, poor health, and a compromised digestive tract that functions inefficiently.

Today, more than ever, we need to take extra special care of our bodies because they have never been more under-nourished and over-stressed.

A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Life

The Gut is the “root system” of our body

´ We all commit some cardinal mistakes which overload and stress our intestines: We eat too often, eat too quickly, our diet is too acidic, we eat too much, eat at wrong times, eat when we are too tired, and eat when we are stressed… the list simply goes on and on.

´ If the digestive system is burdened in this way digestive disorders, Irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis – are a common outcome. Joint and back problems, sleep disturbances, obesity, general diminishing of well-being and decline in performance are all associated with the toxic burdens.

´ A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria) that flourishes in our intestines and keeps us healthy and strong. Beneficial microflora help digest the foods you eat, helping our bodies assimilate all the nutrients in the food we eat.

We eat……

  • Too quickly
  • A diet which is too acidic
  • Too much
  • At the wrong times
  • Too often
  • When we are too tired
  • Depressed or angry 
Our Gut Health program is an intensive wellness program that triggers the body’s self -healing mechanism promoting healthy weight management and improving overall well-being by maintaining the Gut Health.


´ Digestive tract is home for trillions of bacteria , that helps you to digest your food, regulate your immune system, and coordinate nerve signaling and brain function.

´ For your gut to be healthy, balance of good and bad bacteria is needed, both of which are always present within your gut.

     A healthy balance is 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria.

Why Improve Your Gut Health?​

An Unhealthy Gut Leads to More than Just Digestive Problems

It can help with :


Digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, reflux, constipation and irritable bowels are extremely common, but it is not something you have to live with. The key to resolve these issues is to find the root cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms.


Our 70% of immune system is located in the gut. It is recommended to keep our digestive system in shape to address many of our bodily woes.

Weight management & Energy level

The bacteria in gut helps to support a healthy metabolism. Gut bacteria affect the way we store fat, how we balance blood glucose levels, and the hormones that make us feel hungry or full. The wrong combination of gut bacteria can even set the stage for obesity from the moment you are born.

Joint Pain and inflammation

Poor gut health can lead to inflammation and joint pain

Hormone Balance

Gut health play an important role in regulation of various hormone like estrogen, and can impact your period too. Gut health plays a central role in the treatment of conditions associated with hormonal imbalances like Endometriosis ,Thyroid and PCOS.

Why Gut Health Dietician?

Our nutritionists and dieticians firmly believe that a healthy digestive system generally leads to a healthy person. In fact, some of the most common health issues we see in recent times can be directly attributed to poor gut health and more broadly, dietary choices. 

Our team of experience dieticians will assist you in improving your digestive health. Using proven techniques culled from years of training, practice and experience, we create effective programs to relieve you of the symptoms associated with your condition, so that you are left feeling better from the inside out.

All our practitioners having years of experience helping clients from all backgrounds with all types of medical conditions. Our combined knowledge and experience enables us to provide you with discrete, personalised and practical lifestyle solutions that are not only effective, but also easy to follow.

When you turn to our professional nutritionists and dietitians, you get more than just a consultation. You are given the opportunity to work with a dedicated healthcare professional who will guide you as you make a change for a better you, and begin your journey to a healthier, happier life – a New Life. Not only will our team show you how to improve your health and general well-being, but we’ll also teach you how to boost your energy levels, improve your sleeping habits and increase your focus.

We can help with:


Free Initial Consultations – 30 min (Online, Phone or Zoom)

In our initial meeting, assessment tool will be used to understand all about the symptoms that have been bothering you, medical investigations done, your current diet and lifestyle patterns, and any insight into what foods you think you could be reacting to.
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