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Hospital to Home: Nutrition counts

NutriCARE can help in healthy transition from hospital to home to Healthy life.

Once you are back to home, we can provide the care your body need to back to Healthy Normal Routine Life

Why is In-Home nutritional Care Important After Hospital Discharge?

Recovery from injury and illness doesn’t end when you and your loved one walk out of the hospital doors. Any medical event that requires a hospital stay will likely take weeks — or even months — for full recovery. And a healthy recovery depends on following the directions given by your health care providers

Many patients leave hospital in poor nutritional states, Proper nutrition is necessary to heal wounds, control chronic illnesses, and build or maintain strength

Nutritional depletion during disease and hospitalization is caused by lack of appetite during acute disease, periods of fasting through clinical procedures, surgery, pain, effects of medication.

Decreased food intake during hospitalization has significant implications, including decrease in weight, cognitive capacity, depressive symptoms, function, and increased mortality

 NutriCARE can help make the change from hospital to home easier, so that they can concentrate on making a healthy recovery.


We help to have easy transition from hospital to home. handholding our patients and empowering them to build their body’s self healing ability to support their treatment plan and prevent reoccurrence.


How NutriCARE help you to live healthy life post hospitalization