NutriCARE Wellness


1.Nutritional Counseling
Developing healthy eating practices from Infancy to geriatric group
Therapeutic Nutritional Program to address Medical Concerns: Diabetes, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Fatty Liver,  steoporosis, Renal  disease , kidney stones, Gout, Cancer care, Cardiac care, Insomnia or disturbed sleep, Gallbladder disorders 
Happy & Healthy Pregnancy – Antenatal & Post natal Nutritional care
Weight Management
De-stressing Techniques
Gut Health, Celiac Disease
Pre & Post Surgical Nutritional Care
Intermittent Fasting  and  Keto diets

2.Nature as medicine -Healing power of  home based remedies

3.Conducting Wellness workshops at Schools, workplaces, RWA and various organizations

4.Development of Technical content for digital platform